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Francesco Genovese

Postdoc researcher in Mathematics

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I am a postdoctoral researcher in homological algebra based in Prague since September 2021. I currently work in the Department of Algebra at the Charles University under the supervision of Jan Šťovíček. Before, I worked in the Fundamental Mathematics research group at the University of Antwerp under the supervision of Wendy Lowen; formerly, I was a member of the Algebra research group at the University of Hasselt under the supervision of Michel Van den Bergh.

I did my Bachelor and Master studies in Mathematics at the University of Pavia, where I also defended my PhD thesis Quasi-functors as lifts of Fourier-Mukai functors: the uniqueness problem in December 2015, under the supervision of Alberto Canonaco.

I am an alumnus of Collegio Fratelli Cairoli.

Research interests (in short)

  • Higher categorical enhancements of triangulated categories: differential graded categories, A-infinity categories.
  • t-structures on triangulated categories and their enhancements.
  • Applications of higher categories to algebraic geometry: derived categories, Fourier-Mukai functors.

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