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Francesco Genovese

Postdoc researcher in Mathematics

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Youtube channel

I have a personal Youtube channel on which I uploaded a few videos. In particular, you can find the following playlists:

  • Linear Algebra Exercises. Exercises in Linear Algebra that I prepared for the eponymous course in the Bachelor in Computer Science at the University of Antwerp in 2020/2021. The exercises are completely worked through, also with explanations on how to write clean solutions.
  • L’impalcatura dello spazio (Italian). Recorded live sessions on selected topics in Algebraic Topology. I’ve attempted to make them accessible to a wide public of scholars (not only mathematicians) while maintaining a suitable level of rigor.

Meet Science (Italian)

A few colleagues from various scientific areas and I have started a new outreach project on Twitch with the goal of interviewing Italian scientists and academics, and helping spread and communicate their activities to the general public.